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Technical requirements of using e-Platform:

  • a laptop, desktop with a webcam (Windows, Chromebook, Linux) OR an Android phone
  • if you have an iPhone, iPad, or iWatch, please download and install the app Jitsi Meet before your visit for the optimal video experience
  • the Front Desk may also ask you to install Pexip Infinity Connect for iPhone or Android as an alternative
  • install and use a compatible web browser such as Firefox or Chrome (please do NOT use Safari or Edge)
  • headphone or earbuds for privacy
  • webcam (if your laptop does not have it built in) such as Logitech

How to Fix Most Problems with our e-Platform:

  • Sign-Out of e-Platform
  • Close ALL your browser windows
  • Unplug your webcam (if possible) and plug the camera back in
  • Unplug your earphones and plug it back in
  • Make sure no other device is using your webcam (ie. no video recording software, no other browsers open)
  • Turn off your work VPN connection
  • Open Chrome or Firefox browser again and come back to
  • Roll over e-Platform menu, and pick Video Chat from the drop down menu
  • Start a Chat with Front Desk
  • Click the webcam icon on the bottom left of the Chat window
  • If you see a browser pop-up that asks for permission to allow the browser/website to access your microphone and camera, be sure to click ALLOW
  • If you can see you own video in the Video Chat window, then you are ready to go.

Common Problems:

"I can't see any video or hear anyone from the clinic."

  • Test if you webcam and microphone is working on
  • If your webcam and microphone is not working on the above website, then it is a problem with your webcam or microphone.
  • If you webcam and microphone IS working on the above website, you may have accidentally clicked "Do Not Allow" in the pop-up when the browser asked for permission to access your microphone or camera.
    • Please close the entire browser, and any other browser windows, and start again.
    • Remember to click "Allow" when you see a pop-up that asks for permission to access your microphone and webcam.

"You get a message: Warning, you can't access the private section of this site."

  • Please contact us via phone 416.508.5691 or Chat and ask us to Validate and Activate your Account.

"I can't initiate or receive a Video Chat with the green Start Call/Accept Call button"

  • Are you using a non-compatible browser (Safari, Edge) or an iPad or iPhone? Unfortunately, these do not adequately support the HTML5 WebRTC features that our e-Platform requires. In order to access Video Chat with an iPad or iPhone, please download Jitsi Meet. We will send you a secure video conference link via your Chat box / Private Message.
  • Please try using a Windows, Linux, Chromebook, Android device and a compatible browser such as Chrome or Firefox.
  • If you want a secure private browser, you can consider using Brave browser, which is based on Chromium.

"The video is low quality or choppy"

  • Do not to use a wireless WiFi when using your laptop. (Your WiFi may be low-bandwidth)
  • Connect your laptop to your home network/router directly with a network ethernet cable
  • Ask your internet provider to increase your internet speed (DSL, Cable, or Fiber)



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