Enroute Interim Access Care Program

Get Well Clinic's program for unattached patients to access care

Your guide when feeling lost without a family doctor

We know it has been difficult finding a family doctor during this time of crisis in family medicine. Although it is everyone's desire to have someone they call their primary family doctor, it has been increasingly difficult for the province to provide a family doctor for every Ontario resident. We have advocated on behalf of unattached patients, for our health system to explore other solutions for this problem, which include team based primary care. In the meantime, we are offering a unique model for care to those who are unattached patients. Being unattached means that you do not have a family doctor, or a nurse practitioner that you have registered with to be your primary care provider. You may be a newcomer to the area, or your family doctor may have retired, or you have never had a family doctor and only used walk-in clinics.

What does it mean to receive care at our Enroute Interim Access Care Program?

  • You can receive medically necessary care from our team of medical providers, until you are able to find a suitable primary care provider, elsewhere.
  • Your care may be provided by a rotating team of family doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, or trainees.
  • You are not assigned a primary care provider, however, our team will assist you in your medical care.
  • We may be unable to guarantee you perpetual access to our unattached provider team, due to unforeseen changes to provider availability and funding from the government. However, we are doing our best for you, within our limits of the situation.
  • You are free to leave at any time and choose your care elsewhere, as you are not tied to a single primary care provider.
  • As our health system matures, you may be eligible to join a team-based primary care clinic currently being formed by Ontario Health Teams.
  • You can benefit from the evolving innovative care options that we are developing.
  • Some complex chronic conditions may be not be able to manage for you, however, we may be able to refer you to any available resources known. We strongly encourage you to keep looking for an appropriate primary care provider who is able to attend to your needs.You may contact Health Care Connect.
  • You may be able to access preventative health screening, however, we do not provide annual health / complete physical exams. Choosing Wisely recommends against complete physicals, opting for focused periodic health reviews.


Who is NOT eligible to attend our Unattached Patient Clinic?

  • You already have a family doctor, however, you are unhappy with them and want to change. We are not intended to replace your existing family doctor.
  • You already have a family doctor, but are unable to get a timely appointments with them. Please contact your doctor's office for their unique options (their colleague who can see you, their locum, or their after-hours clinic).
  • You are already part of a FHO, FHG, FHT family practice and have access to after-hours care. You may access your usual after-hours care options.
  • You live far away from our clinic, and are unable to find a primary care provider. We are designed to serve our immediate community and neighbourhood. Please explore your local area's Ontario Health Teams, which may have upcoming options for you.
  • You require virtual care. Our Unattached Patient Clinic is an in-person clinic for residents who are able to access our clinic location in person.


If you are eligible to receive care at our Unattached Patient Clinic, you may book an appointment online.



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