Validate Your Identity and Activate Account

e-Platform account activation


Please CALL 416.508.5691 to validate your identify and Activate your account so you can Sign In.


e-Platform Setup Summary:


  • You must have a personal (non-work related) email that you control yourself.
  • You must not share your email password with anyone.
  • You must not share your e-Platform Sign-In password with anyone.
  • You must abide by our clinic policy and procedures, and Terms of Use.


  1. e-Platform Membership: Add  to your Shopping Cart, and choose Checkout. (Scroll to the top to find Add)
  2. Create an account (or Login to your account, if you already have one at at the Checkout)
  3. Pay for the e-Platform Membership with PayPal.
  4. If you have never been to our clinic and signed a paper consent and registration, please complete and submit an online Registration Form.
  5. Contact our Front Desk 416.508.5691 to verify your identity and Validate your account. (Only validated accounts will be activated)
  6. Sign In to your e-Platform account.



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