Dr. Jiyeh Joo (BHSc, MD)

Family Doctor

Dr. Jiyeh Joo is a family physician who focuses on providing comprehensive care with special interests in preventative care & aesthetic medicine. She provides cosmetic services including botox and fillers. She completed her undergraduate training in Health Sciences at McMaster University, followed by medical school at the University of Ottawa and family medicine residency at McMaster University. Currently, she holds hospital privileges at Joseph Brant, Brantford General & Mackenzie Health Hospitals.

Dr. Joo is bilingual and speaks English and Korean. Outside of medicine, her areas of passion include: traveling, promoting wellness, skincare and beauty.


Dr Jiyeh Joo's Medical Aesthetic Services

  • Neurotoxins for decreasing wrinkles and lines, headaches, and excess seating
  • Dermal fillers for restoring a youthful appearance or enhance features
  • Double Chin Treatment / Deoxycholic Acid injection
  • Vitamin / Booster Injections





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